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Outsourcing Transportation & Logistics Process Keeps you move ahead.

As specialists in logistics back-office solutions, we are committed to helping businesses like yours optimize
supply chain operations, drive down expenses, and achieve greater operational agility.​

Our Comprehensive

Back-Office Solutions
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Voice &​ Non-Voice ​Customer Support
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Freight & Vendor Rate Management
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Shipping​ Document Process​
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Finance ​and Accounting​
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Intelligent​ Data Service
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Business challenges we solve

High Operating Cost​

Maintaining an in-house back-office team can be expensive due to recruitment, training, infrastructure, and ongoing operational expenses.​

Administrative Burden​

Logistics operators often have to deal with a substantial amount of paperwork, data entry, and administrative tasks. This can be time-consuming and divert their focus from core business activities.​

Customer Communication​ Challenges​

Keeping customers informed about shipment status and updates in real-time can be difficult without a streamlined communication process.​

Seasonal Workload Variations​

Fluctuations in workloads and seasonal demands can lead to variations in service quality and response times.​

Voice & Non-Voice Customer Support

Tele Sales & Marketing​
  • Managing mailbox
  • Receive enquiries and send timely quotations​
  • Follow up with customers and win orders​
  • Key account management​
  • Troubleshooting and escalation resolution​
  • Lead Generation
Customer Service ​
  • Freight bookings & administrations
  • Track shipment and status updates​
  • Customs regulations monitoring ​
  • Dispatching services​
  • Procure shipment details​
  • Client advisory services​
  • Supporting Customers: Weekends & Holidays​

Shipping Document Processing

  • Bill of lading (B/L) preparation​
  • Customs documentation​
  • Export and import declarations​
  • Freight insurance documentation​
  • Manifests filing (e-filings)​
  • Document verification and review​
  • Record keeping​
  • Invoice generating and processing​
  • Sending pre-alerts & release monitoring​​
  • Providing shipping instructions to carriers​
  • Timely submission of customs filings and vigilant monitoring of their status.​
  • Prompt notification of cargo arrival​

Carrier Rate ​Management​

  • Manage and get the marine and air carrier rate
  • Contract rate management
  • Manually entry the air, truck and ocean carrier rate in your desired rate system​
  • Negotiate and follow –up with special commodity and specific route rate with carriers​
  • Access and validate the carrier credibility​

Finance and ​Accounting​

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Account payable and receivable ​
  • Customer credit management​
  • General ledger / bank reconciliation​​
  • Cost reporting and audit​
  • Monthly closing / quarterly / yearly closing​
  • Payroll management
  • Financial planning and analysis​

Intelligent​ Data Service​

  • Customer & vendors’ data enrichment service​
  • Converting scanned document to digital data​
  • Data extraction from website​
  • Data cleansing and verification​
  • Image and document data entry​​
  • Research and gather supplier and vendor information​
  • Maintaining data securely and privately​
How we work

Experience an extended arm of your company through our all-encompassing BPO services. Our logistics specialists harmonize with your SOPs, offering integrated operations that fuel mutual growth – when you thrive, we thrive!

Discovery Meeting​

We analyze your business needs, goals, and operational workflows to determine the extent of outsourcing required.​

Service Agreements​

Next in line, we formalize the BPO engagement terms, covering service level agreements, contract particulars, and pricing arrangements.​

Transition Planning​

Our dedicated professionals formulate an intricate plan to facilitate the transition of processes from your internal operations to our team.​

Knowledge Transfer​

We establish a team tailored to your needs and ensure they receive training in domain knowledge, process documentation, and more.​

Process Execution​

The team ensures that the outsourced processes are executed in alignment with SLAs and stringent quality norms.​

Performance Monitoring​

We consistently gauge and oversee process performance to guarantee adherence to SLAs.​


We keep you informed about the outsourced process by sending regular reports and updates on its performance and progress.​

Your Feedback​

We value your feedback as a means to stay in sync with any evolving needs and ensure we implement essential improvements accordingly.​

Leave the Mundane to Us. Focus on Growth!

Outsource routine tasks to us and prioritize your business growth.

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